Past Portfolio Websites

Websites developed for my portfolio in the past

At the first image, you can see the first serious website I created. I did the design in Photoshop to develop the style of the whole website and created advanced systems to let it transition between portfolio items and other pages smoothly. I also did all the graphic elements of the page – refer to the portfolio item links etc.

The website here was completely coded by me from scratch in Visual Studio – a Microsoft coding software. Everything was done through coding in contrast to later projects.

Go to website [not finished]

In the second image, you can see the second portfolio website I created. Also coded from scratch, this website was another attempt at showcasing my work minimalistically. It consists of only a menu to the left with different sub-menus. The gridding system of the picture showcasing was quite an advanced thing to get the hang of.

This taught me a lot about the minimalistic design and making small adjustments constantly to get just the right size relations for the aesthetics of the website. It is not completely finished, as there is no way to get further information of the different portfolio projects.

Go to website [not finished]

The third image shows a website I made using a CSS system from w3schools that makes the styling of elements much easier as well as removing the need for grid systems utilizing html tables etc. It is quite a handy tool for custom-coding sites.

Go to website [not finished]